Actively Arielle’s helpful videos

Knowledge is power, so the more resources you can get, the better.

Hence, today I would like to introduce you to Arielle’s blog. The woman of this blog is in a very solid stage of recovery and is posting a number of helpful videos in relation to eating disorders, a lot of which have proven to be very informative and helpful in my opinion. She is a lovely person to talk to through e-mail and is open to answer questions from her viewers.

Arielle is also part of a youtube group, WeRFeeEDdomFighters who publish a lot of videos on all eating disorders around the clock.

“The greatest source of ideas among men is their human interactions.”

We are a group of people from around the world who have one thing in common: we are fighting for our lives against Eating Disorders. But we also know what it’s like to win somedays too. We’d love to share and have you share with us

We are NOT professionals nor are we qualified to give out any medical advice. We are just here to spread the word of awareness and recovery is not only possible but beautiful also.


The Joy Project, leaflets and Youtube Videos

Featured site: The Joy Project [link]
The Joy Project website has a variety of self-help guides which may provide useful strategies in helping one recover from an Eating Disorder. Includes things like grounding techniques, fun recovery activities, relapse prevention and some good old myth busting too.

Featured site: Center for Clinical Intervention GP leaflets [link]
Although aimed as GP handouts, they provide a lot of PDF fact sheets on Eating Disorders from laxatives, to calorie counting to tackling fear foods. Clear and reliable information.

Featured YouTube videos “Life After ED” [link]
A sufferer talks about her struggles with so much truth and strength and portrays the reality of Anorexia and recovery very clearly, offering a lot of hope and also showing a lot of courage for sharing her experiences.