Lasting Memories

I recently came across a post on the BEAT website:

Over the years, many people have asked us if we can help them create a more permanent memorial to their loved one. We are proud to have launched a new memorial page on our website, please see below. We would very much welcome your tributes in memory of someone you have lost to an eating disorder.


This page shows the stark reality that eating disorders really do take lives, and that those lives are deeply missed by everyone. It highlights the harsh reality of the illness. And brings a tear to my eye that the sufferers and families have been stripped of a joyous life.

Whenever doctors told me I could die, or had a 10% chance of not making it, or emphasised how serious low potassium levels were, I never really took that to heartI’m grateful I did not die at my lowest, but my heart does reach out to all who have lost their lives to the illness of anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders. I hope they have found the peace they so rightly deserved.