Positive Qualities

This was an exercise I did in order to improve my self-esteem by writing a list of positive qualities. And, not only that, to back them up with evidence. Every so often I can add to the list. The important thing is to back it up with evidence, so that there is less chance of discrediting them.

  • I have a variety of achievements, awards and certificates which demonstrate my academic abilities. I am intelligent.
  • I take good care of my dog. I am caring.
  • I help injured wildlife and have helped to save the lives of 2 birds and hedgehog. I am compassionate.
  • I am punctual and reliable.
  • As a friend I am always loyal and caring and would never hurt other friends as others have done to me. I am trustworthy.
  • I can ski, snowboard, swim and do other sports. I have skills.
  • I am good at art and many people like seeing my work; I’ve had an exhibition at the Cornerstone Art Centre and have had a radio interview on the subject of art in Poland a few years ago. I am artistically talented.
  • I am very detailed in my work which always reflects a high level of accuracy. My teacher described me as “precise and creative” .
  • I learnt to web design at the age of 10, and currently run many (moderately successful and small) online communities / sites. I have skills and the ability to teach myself.
  • I always try to be polite to others and helpful where I can.